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About Graffiti Doctor

With the recent boom of graffiti attacks within New Zealand and the limited resources and technology to fight this growing epidemic Graffiti Doctor was born.

Now with the most advanced graffiti removal technology within New Zealand the Graffiti Doctor is equipped to combat this crime. The sole purpose of the Graffiti Doctor is to remove graffiti from anywhere without harming the underlying surface. This is important as other methods such as painting over a tag or soda-blasting it off can leave the surface in a worse state and giving the tagger a feeling of achievement. But with Graffiti Doctors technology the surface is left in the same state before the tag causing the tagger to move on knowing that his work is removed fast and efficiently.

Once Graffiti Doctor removes a tag we suggest that the owner uses our Anti Graffiti Coating. GD Shield protects surfaces against graffiti, moss and mould and it reduces environmental effects on the substrate.
Furthermore, GD Shield is UV resistant i.e. will not breakdown from exposure to the sun. This product will not leave a glossy finish and allows the surface to breathe. GD Shield coating can be painted over with no detrimental effects. Contact us now for more information.

We have a growing number of nationwide clients that are enjoying the benifit of Graffiti Doctor and our no travel charge policy.

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